SimpleNG theme for Piwigo

SimpleNG is a complete redesign of the Simple Grey theme, taking advantage of the new features of the web (HTML5 and CSS3) and based on Bootstrap. The old version (Simple Grey) is still available on piwigo extensions and is maintained by the Piwigo team.





This theme is licensed under the GNU General Public License. See LICENSE for details.


This theme is based on the less sources of bootstrap. To customize it, you must install some dependencies. In short, install nodejs, then npm install recess uglify-js. Windows users can use a gui like winless.

Then, you will need to get the sources with git. You can fork on github (if you want to publish your theme later or submit a pull request) or get the sources directly with git:

git clone

Get the latest release (3.1.0 here):

git checkout 3.1.O

Then get the bootstrap submodule:

git submodule update --init

To compile simpleng’s css and javascript sources, you can then use make css and make js. make watch will watch the files to automatically compile the css. The main file to edit is css/styles.less. You can also override bootstrap variables (see bootstrap/less/variables.less for a complete list).


version 3.2.3 (17/02/2015)

version 3.2.2 (16/10/2014)

version 3.2.1 (04/08/2014)

version 3.2.0 (19/03/2014)

version 3.1.3 (14/07/2013)

version 3.1.2 (20/05/2013)

version 3.1.1 (18/04/2013)

version 3.1.0 (23/03/2013)

version 3.0.1 (05/12/2012)

version 3.0 (28/08/2012)

version 3.0-beta5 (28/06/2012)

version 3.0-beta4 (25/06/2012)

Compatibility with piwigo 2.4:

version 3.0-beta3 (27/03/2012)

version 3.0-beta2 (10/03/2012)

version 3.0-beta1 (09/03/2012)

Complete redesign:

version 2.5.5 (01/03/2012)

version 2.5.4 (23/01/2012)

version 2.5.3 (22/01/2012)

version 2.5.2 (20/12/2011)

version 2.5.1 (18/10/2011)

version 2.5 (08/10/2011)

version 2.4.3 (31/05/2011)

version 2.4.2 (10/04/2011)

version 2.4.1 (06/04/2011)

version 2.4 (05/04/2011)

compatibility with piwigo 2.2:

version 2.3 (07/01/2011)

version 2.2 (23/09/2010)

version 2.1 (16/06/2010)

version 2.0 (31/05/2010)